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We strongly suggest you to read the terms and conditions listed below before moving forward with any transactions. You and Trek Central  Pvt. Ltd. are entering into a contract that is enforceable by law, by accepting these conditions (referred to as “the Company”). This contract addresses a number of issues, such as booking confirmation, payment, refund, cancellation, and other fees assessed in accordance with company policy and the privacy statement.

The Contract

A renowned and fully accredited business, Trek Central Pvt. Ltd. is officially registered with numerous national and international agencies, as well as with various departments of the Government of Nepal. Our business is located in Thamel, Kathmandu, and we work hard to give our clients from all over the world top-notch services.

Visas and Passports:

Passengers must have their current passport and the necessary visas for the destination country. Also, we urge our clients to confirm that their passports are valid for at least an additional six months after the end of their trip. Travelers’ carelessness with regard to visa paperwork and passports will not hold the company responsible if they are deported or denied entry to the nation while on their trip.

Travel Insurance

It is a major requirement of Trek Central  Pvt. Ltd. that you have your travel insurance covered. Medical insurance, air ambulance service, and helicopter rescue services are all required, for this is a Himalayan nation and there are major issues of unfavorable circumstances in high altitudes. Also to be on the safe side, we also strongly advise our clients to purchase cancellation insurance. Please be sure your insurance policies offer complete protection and include the majority of the trip activities you engage in.

Prior to the trip, we will need a copy of your insurance documentation as evidence. If you are unable to give us with the insurance certificate for different reasons, you will be required to sign a suitable policy or agreement right away. However, if for any reason you are unable to do it, you will be prohibited. If you are unable to give us with the insurance certificate for whatever reason, you will be required to sign a suitable policy or agreement right away. But, you won’t be allowed to continue your journey if you are unable to do it because of unfavorable circumstances. Also, you won’t be eligible for a refund for any services that weren’t rendered.


The unique tours provided by Trek Central  Pvt. Ltd. include demanding activities with inherent dangers. Customers must accept the risks because the company is not liable for mishaps or unforeseen circumstances in the Himalayas. Passengers must respect the authority of the trip leader, be adaptable, and be aware that changes may take place while they are on the trip. Throughout the journey, the corporation has the authority to accept or refuse customers, and those who break the law won’t get their money back. Customers must fill out a form and pay a 20% non-refundable deposit (or 50% for trips to Tibet and Bhutan) to reserve a tour; the remaining balance is required upon arrival in Kathmandu.

Payment Methods

The business provides bank transfers and credit cards (Master/Visa/American Express/Union Pay/JCB/SCT Card) as two practical and secure methods of payment. While completing the booking application form, the client must specify the payment method in full and give the company all necessary credit card information. However, the remaining balance (80% for trips to Nepal and 50% for trips to Tibet and Bhutan) must be paid in cash to the company before leaving for the trip from Kathmandu.


The cancellation and refund policy of Trek Central  Pvt. Ltd. is previously well-defined. The organization is not liable for any refunds or reimbursements if a customer decides to cancel or withdraw from the trip for any reason. This means that once the trip has started, the company will not return the money you paid for it.

Nonetheless, consumer deposits are valid until the customer is prepared to make another travel reservation. Customers also have the option of changing the individual who will be traveling with them. If the customer must cancel or postpone the trip for personal reasons or because of unavoidable circumstances, the company will not be held liable for reimbursements.

The cancellation of a trip may be caused by unforeseen events including weather conditions, natural disasters, canceled flights, strikes, wars, riots, quarantines, government action, or poor health problems of a group member.

The Company demands written notice from the customer for any cancellations. The day the written cancellation is received by the company will serve as the date of the cancelled trip. 100% of the total fee may be refunded if a consumer cancels the trip one month before the departure date.

Trip Amendments:

  • Please note that the following conditions apply to amendments for trips listed on this site:
  • Amendments requested at least 60 days prior to the trip incur a fee of USD 50/person.
  • Amendments requested less than 60 days before the trip follow the cancellation policy and charges.
  • Changes in trip price during booking and amendments may apply and may be levied by third-party service providers.
  • Additional administration fees of USD 20/booking per change apply for any additions to the original booking.
  • Amendments cannot be made within 10 days of the original trip departure, and if made, a minimum fee of USD 50 applies.

Health Conditions

The Company requires a well-documented medical certificate from an accredited medical facility prior to the start of the trip in order to assure the safety and health of our travelers. While making a reservation, the company must be advised of any medical concerns or issues. The Company will not pay for any medical or evacuation costs, and it won’t be held accountable for accidents. Prior to making a reservation with us, we advise patients to visit their doctors for a complete examination and vaccination. If necessary, clients may also ask for additional services while on their trip or staying in the destination nation.

Weather Conditions

Customers should be informed that unpredictably bad weather might cause flight delays or cancellations in hilly areas like Everest, Mustang, and Kanchenjunga. The company reserves the right to change the itinerary or mode of transportation without incurring additional costs and will pay for lodging and meals while flights are being booked. The Company is not liable for missing foreign flights, expenses related to altitude sickness, or any other unforeseen events and participants are responsible for all costs incurred. The client will be responsible for any additional costs, although the company will help with alternate arrangements. Although giving information, the company is not liable for unforeseen circumstances and the company chief may, in writing, waive these booking requirements. Legal agreements are controlled by Nepalese law, and the Company Chief alone has the authority to change them.

Note: All of the Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with and are subject to the laws of the Government of Nepal. Hence, the only person with the power to interfere and make changes is the company’s CEO.

Please ensure that you have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by all of the Terms and Conditions before booking a trip with Trek Central  Pvt. Ltd.

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